Why I like contemporary art

I’m not an expert at all when we talk about modern visual arts but I have my own opinion on this matter.

As far as I can see, it’s quite popular nowadays to stigmatize contemporary art as being “too strange”, “too simple”, “too shallow”, and many other “too”. Such people pretend to be grand connoisseurs of Rembrandt, Da Vinci and Michelangelo. However, I don’t think that the only fact that their paintings are old and well-known neither makes them great nor makes other works not deserve any attention.

Personally, I find classical art boring. Old people in dark clothes, oil portraits, dying flowers and old skulls do not provoke any feeling in my soul. Honestly, I do not understand how anybody can love such things.

I would like to present to you some of my favorite artists.

  • Roberto Ferri

The only classical painter I can bear. He’s a contemporary Italian artist who uses ancient roman tradition in his works. His art is very passionate and full of eros, so a traditional mask does not hide its true soul.

  • Andy Warhol

Another artist, which I love very much. He is, undoubtedly, one of the most hated and criticized authors of all times. When you look at his works, what do you see? A can of Campbell soup, Marilyn Monroe’s face, a banana? People usually say, “What the heck is that?” and go away.

I think that’s brilliant. That’s exactly what the author wanted to show: a modern society of consumerism, which wants to get everything fast. Food, communication, entertainment, satisfaction, esthetics – everything is on your fingertips. We don’t have time to reflect on simple things and to get into closer details about such useless things like art. Of course, it’s just my humble opinion but something tells me that I might be right.

I’m not saying that Andy Warhol was a profound philosopher. Probably, he didn’t realize how relevant and unusual his art was, like many other great artists. He has achieved an impressive commercial success, which repels some people even more.

  • Leonid Afremov

Another living painter that I like. He was born in Belarus but lives in the USA now. He finished an artist school, which was found by rather controversial modern artists Chagall and Kandinsky. They had well-developed techniques each and encouraged their students to experiment.

Afremov’s works are unlike everything you have ever seen before. He uses oil and a palette knife to create broad expressive strokes. For example, his famous rodeo artwork here. It’s so vivid and full of life! That’s what art should be like, I believe: bright and inspiring to live and love.






My weekend

This weekend Carol and I went to London to see her parents. Originally, she is from London, and I come from a small village in Wales. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wales

Her mom and dad are nice people but I’m glad that I have to see them only once a month. The problem is that they think a young man of my age should have a degree or his future will be deplorable and full of misery. They are always trying to convince me to go back to college. They have no doubts that they are acting in my own interests.

Carol tries to be supportive but I understand how hard it must be to her. She doesn’t want to disappoint them. I never know what to answer to them because I don’t want to offend anyone too. During such family gatherings, I always miss my coffee shop.

It’s nice to work on Saturdays. It’s not too crowdy, and those who do come like to spend some time reading a book or talking to each other. Especially, elder people. I admire how easily they communicate with strangers. As I have noticed, young people are very often scared of each other or something like that. They prefer the virtual company to a real one, which I consider rather pitiful.

My friends often come to buy a drink on the go. The majority of them are my ex-groupmates. They are always so stressed out with the upcoming exams and tests. We talk, and I try to make them realize that an English test is just a piece of paper that won’t affect their future lives in any way. Of course, I don’t think that they all should quit college like I did. However, I always want them to understand that life is short and they need to enjoy it while they can.

Let’s get to know each other

My name is Alex. I’m 20 years old. Last year I’ve entered Cambridge University but then I left it to work in a coffee shop. I know what you’re thinking: that nothing good will ever come of me. So what?

I live as I’ve always wanted to: I never get up too early because my shift never starts before 11. I always go to work by foot enjoying my mornings in a slowly motion while other young people always hurry to be in time for lectures. I think life is too short to waste it like that.

I also have a wonderful girlfriend named Carol, and we are very happy together.

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